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3/4" Wheeled Nozzle Extension

3/4" Wheeled Nozzle Extension

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Wheeled Nozzle Extensions are a great way to reduce water consumption. Why? Because the quicker you can get own the sewer line the less water you use. That is why these are great! They are built on our regular 4 finned nozzle extension but we have attached 2 wheels to each fin. 8 in total. They are ½” undersized overall for the pipe size you are using and the wheels are made of a high density polypropylene. They are connected by a high quality shoulder bolt that is hardened polished steel. Built on a heavy duty schedule 80 pipe with a 6000 psi female end connection for your ¾” hose you are assured of a high quality and long lasting product. After welding they are zinc dipped for corrosion protection. These wheeled nozzle extensions are available in size from 6” to 15”. Of course you can use a 6” in 6” pipe and also in 8” pipe. These are fast and slick down the line to save you time and water = money.


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