About Us

Pryor Tools products are designed and manufactured for the professional sewer and drain cleaning company and also for the home owner who is tired of buying inferior imported sewer cleaning equipment products online or from the home-improvement centers. Our Sewer Cleaning equipment and drain cleaning equipment include Sewer Rods and Rodding Equipment that are designed for the municipality that has truck mounted or trailer mounted  continuous sewer rodding machine or a sectional sewer rodding machine made by SRECO, Sewer Equipment Company of America and OK Champion.   

Rodding tools for the homeowner or small municipality or where municipalities need to maintain and buy sewer cleaning equipment to clean lateral sewer lines and drain cleaning equipment such as our Lateral Hand Rodding Tools which includes our P5-13 Single ¼” x 6 Foot No. 5 Rod Plumbers rods and also a Complete No. 5 Set or our “B”  Plumbing Rods and Tools.

Pryor tools includes for the professional a large array of Manhole Tools and Attachments and includes a complete lineup Manhole Cover Lifters that are varied in size and strength.  Every Hydro Jet machines need a selection of sewer cleaning equipment such as sewer cleaning Debris Catchers/Baskets/Hooks/Scoops  in order to maximize the use of the equipment.  

The Debris Basket with Rope is one example of a sewer equipment cleaning tool that can be easily lowered into a sewer to catch debris in the debris flow.  You place it into the invert at the bottom of the manhole and as you are jetting upstream with your nozzle and Sewer Jetter Nozzle Extensions the debris flow in the basket and is trapped.  The water drains out the side hole and all you do it lift up the Debris Basket with Rope and empty the contents.  With any of our Fiberglass Poles/Sets that comes in different styles and strengths such as the  24’ Fiberglass Foam Filled Pole Set for All Sewer Tools or our  24’ Set of Steel Reinforced Fiberglass Poles for All Sewer Tools you will be able to attach  more than 20 different types of sewer cleaning equipment accessories to cover just about any situation you can think of when you open up the sewer manhole lid.  For example you may need a Catch Basin Spoon to lift up mud and debris from manhole, wet wells, lift station or pit.  Each tool like the Scoopa can help you clear debris from the sewer invert. Sewer cleaning equipment does not stop there since we have Debris Grabbers and Hooks that can grab any material from the bottom of the manhole, like rags, rocks, bricks, cans.  I’ve even seen a mattress!