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Tiger Tail Hose Guide with Rope

Tiger Tail Hose Guide with Rope

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This is the original "tiger-tail hose". All plastic construction makes this hose corrosion resistant and extremely flexible, even at sub-zero temperatures. Tiger Tail Hose Guides are simple devices that provide the most protection to high pressure sewer jetting hoses from abrasion and chaffing damage. They are designed to reduce or eliminate friction wear (especially peeling and scratching of the hose outer coating) as the high pressure jetting hose enters a pipe or drain. Tiger Tails Hose Guides provide the most benefit when the jetting hose is rewound under high pressure tension as the hose really rubs against the pipe entrance.

How does it work?

Position the hose guide at any sharp bend where the jetting hose might rub against a sharp corner and tie off with the rope supplied. You can even use the manhole lid to hold the rope down. Then feed the jetting hose and nozzle through the guide and the internal core will reduce the chance of your hose becoming damaged. Also extends the life of your jetting hose considerably.


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