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Pole Adapter ¾” X Quick Connect Fiberglass Pole Adapter

Pole Adapter ¾” X Quick Connect Fiberglass Pole Adapter

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This is an adapter that lets you connect any tool that you may own, that has a ¾” NPT female threaded connection, to our quick connect fiberglass pole system. Many of you have these tools that have been around for years, maybe you have even made them yourselves. They had a ¾” female NPT connection because it was easy just to buy some schedule 40 ¾” pipe to use as poles. Problem was that these steel poles bend very easy and stay bent. With this ac\adapter, now you can buy our quick connect fiberglass poles and use them with your tools. Also this adapter is used when you buy our septic cleaning tools that include the sludge hoe, spuds, curved spuds, sludge hoe and more. This is made of steel and then zinc dipped for corrosion protection and to make them pretty.


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