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Lower Manhole Easement Roller

Lower Manhole Easement Roller

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This is an invention developed by Barry Blevins in Carmel, California. There are instances where you cannot access the upstream manhole and you may need to enter the manhole from another direction and then make a turn in the manhole and go up the line that has denied access. This tool allows you to turn the hose 90º at the bottom of the manhole and not damage your expensive hose. Attaches to our fiberglass pole system, it is made of steel and has 3 sharp points on the bottom to dig in the bottom, 2 short forks on one side to dig into the cement curb of the invert and then 2 longer forks to pick up the hose and get it going. Hard Delrin 5” roller has a 2 steel ball bearings to keep this performing for years.



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