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Tiger Tooth Lateral Root Cutter Kit for 3/4” Sewer Hose. For 4” To 8” Pipes

Tiger Tooth Lateral Root Cutter Kit for 3/4” Sewer Hose. For 4” To 8” Pipes

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This is our ¾” Lateral Hydraulic Root Cutter kit that comes complete with 3 saws and 3 skids for 4”, 6” and 8” lines. It is a round body motor with a hardened steel rear tail nozzle with 6 output jets. These little motors put out a lot of torque for their size and come with a 5/8” output shaft with key way and through bolt to connect to your saw hub. You get 3 concave root saws of 4”, 6” and 8” pipe size made from high alloy 4130 steel and heat treated to 55 Rockwell. Each saw is ½” undersized to ride over offsets but be close enough to the pipe wall to rip and eat up roots, grease and detergents. The concave shape of the blade keeps to teeth points inward to eliminate any damage that could occur to the pipe. The kit comes with 3 round body Skids, (not shown in above photo) that attach to the body by set screws. This kit includes a 5/8” root saw hub (RSH-5/8) that fits on the 5/8” shaft and to the saws. Include a shaft turning tool to aid in the maintenance of the motor to get the water out. Includes and Allen wrench, tool box and instructions Just oil this motor after every use and it will give you miles and miles of cleaned pipe. Good for 30-50 gpm and 800 to 2000 psi operating pressure. Motors and saws are available separately.


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