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Hi-Torque Hydraulic Root Cutter Kit for ¾” Hose

Hi-Torque Hydraulic Root Cutter Kit for ¾” Hose

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The Hi-Torque root cutter motor kit comes complete with the “Famous” S906 gerolor type motor. This has always been known as the “contractor duty” motor since it is so tough it needs to hold up to continuous use and constant requirements to do the job, all the time. This motor produces more torque than any other motor on the market, bar none. It produces 225 in/lbs. of torque whereby the other lesser models produce only around 150. It is a heavy weight with high quality stainless steel internal rollers and a super strong front thrust bearing that lasts and lasts. Of course like any mechanical item you must maintain it. To that end we have an outlet port that doubles as a zirk grease fitting so you can pump the unit full of grease once the water is removed. To do this, turn it upside down and use our Arbor turning tool to turn the motor and purge the water out with a few good turns. Then use your favorite oil or lubricant and turn it again with the oil inside to make sure it is ready to go for the next job. Our Arbor turning tool is innovative and great since you don’t have to take off the saw blade to turn the motor shaft. Simple idea but it saves you time in the field. The kit comes complete with 4 of the Heavy duty saws HCRS-6, 8, 10 and 12. Also 4 EZ skids STSS-6, 8, 10 and 12”. It comes with the front saw hub RSH-1B to fit right over the 1” shaft of the motor and also a bolt set and Allen wrench to attach the skids to the motor. Available for either 1” or ¾” hose, you choose. These motors run optimally from 35gpm to 80gpm and from 1200 to 1800 psi.


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