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HI-TORQUE- Advanced Kinetics: Corrosion Resistant Motor

HI-TORQUE- Advanced Kinetics: Corrosion Resistant Motor

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The S906M1-AK is Pryor Tools' flagship motor. This is the upgraded version of our Contractor duty motor that has a special internal process applied before final assembly that permits this motor to turn with silky smooth ease.

AK means Advanced Kinetics which uses a patented internal finishing that improves the friction coefficient allowing all internal parts to run efficiently which reduces drag, saves water which increases productivity and also repels corrosion.

In testing we have left these motor weeks with water inside and no corrosion! Imagineno maintenance. Since recyclers can have 50 micron particles you only need to open the motor up, remove particles and wipe down the internals to keep on working. Instructions provided.

These special motors have tail nozzles sized for your hose without bushing up or down. They come in 3/4”, 1”, 1.25” and 1.50”. They are designed for you units for flow from 40 to 170 gpm and pressures to 3000 psi. The motor is rated to 288 Lbs. of torque and 220 lbs. continuous. This a a high torque los speed motor designed for hard cutting of large taps and roots day in and day out.


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