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Grease Bucket to Use with Fiberglass Poles

Grease Bucket to Use with Fiberglass Poles

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Grease buckets are a great way to remove and filter out material and debris from wet wells, catch basins and lift stations and more. Grease balls, logs and paper products discharged to your plant cause pump blockages, damaged equipment and increase costs in operation and maintenance. To use it just connect it up to your fiberglass poles and lower into the pit or place near the outfall. Since it has an over-center bale it will swivel in both directions. You can push it down to the bottom of the pit and scoop up material or just lower below the surface to remove floating debris. You can also tie it up and let an outfall flow through it. Every pump/lift station should have 1 or 2 on hand. The GB Grease Bucket series comes in sizes from 10" to 15" and they are all made of a high quality laser cut alloy steel that is dipped in zinc for long life and corrosion resistance.


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