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Easy Skids for Puma Flanged Type Hydraulic Motor

Easy Skids for Puma Flanged Type Hydraulic Motor

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The Puma Flanged Root Cutter Motor has, of course, a flange in the front with 4 bolt holes. These 4 bolt holes match up directly with the flanges on the skids presented here and made especially for them. These skids fit our puma flanged motors only and are all made of high quality steel and then zinc dipped for long life and corrosion resistance. All skid are ½” undersized in the small diameters to 12” and then 1” undersized in the larger diameters to 20”. 22” and 24” skids are 2” undersized. These skids also have a rear back ring with 2 side bolts holes that match up directly to the rear thruster bold holes to fix them in place.


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