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Drop Manhole Bridge Kit

Drop Manhole Bridge Kit

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The drop manhole bridge kit comes complete with 24’ of fiberglass poles and is ready to go. It was designed by us to solve a common problem for maintenance professionals of having a raised sewer line in the manhole with or without or a drop line. We have come up with these lightweight aluminum bridges to bridge the gap over a drop or to get your jetter nozzle or camera started in the line. These bridges are designed with the sides that are specially angled to slip into the bottom of the 8” or 6” pipe. You can always use them in larger lines too. You can see that the drop bridge comes with an adapter swivel that connects to our quick connect fiberglass poles. This kit with 4 poles gives you 24’ of lowering capacity. To use it you lower the bridge straight down with one hand holding the fiberglass pole and the other on the nylon lifting rope lifting rope. Once you get to the correct level to enter the pipe just lift the rope and the bridge slowly becomes horizontal so you can lift it and slide it into place in the line. Once inside the pipe you hold onto the fiberglass pole and lower your camera or jet nozzle onto the bridge and away you go down the line. Please see the graphic above to get an idea how it works.

  • 6” line size - Small 4” wide bridge for small cameras to fit into a 6” line
  • 8” line size - Most common. 6” wide for crawler. Fits into a 8” pipe and larger
  • 10” line size - Wider 7.25” width on the flat for 10” lines and above
  • 12” line size - Our widest bridge for larger tractors. 8.75” wide on the flat. 12” and above


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