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Diamond Tap Cutter

Diamond Tap Cutter

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When protruding cast iron or vitreous clay taps are a problem in a sewer main line they must be removed or cut off at the pipe wall. Pryor tools makes a diamond tap cutter to do just that. You connect these cutters that come in pipe sizes for 6” to 18”, to the end of your hydraulic root cutter motor with a 1” standard shaft with keyway and through bolt. They are made with a nice thick steel barrel with a ½” strong back plate. The back plate has laser cut holes to reduce weight. The barrel is about 9” long on the short sizes and 10”-12” on the larger sizes. Since we weld the 1” cutter hub to the back place on a lathe that is turning true, you are assured of getting a tool that is rotating concentrically down the pipe. Usually they are about ½” undersized to allow some play in the line but still sheer off the taps next to the pipe wall. We have brazed industrial diamond segments to the barrel for a strong bond. If for any reason a segment shears off just send the tool back to us and we will replace for free. Only Pryor Tools can make this promise.



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