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Deep VAC Manhole Tube Holder - 8"

Deep VAC Manhole Tube Holder - 8"

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The deep-vac manhole tube holder is a "patent pending" design presented by Pryor tools to solve a constant and at times, a dangerous situation. The vacuum tubes extending up in the air pose a safety and handling problem. Safety issues of touching electrical lines are the most dangerous and life-threatening. Others are physical limitations as the weight of 50' of 8" suction tube is over 130 lbs. Dropping or losing the vacuum tubes in a deep manhole requires retrieval and costly procedures for manhole entry. Tube assembly above ground is cumbersome and requires at least 3 workers, ropes or slings and much maneuvering.

Now, just clamp the deep vac around your tubes in any location. The tube is then lowered into the manhole and supported by the deep vac's 4 steel extension arms. Keep adding tubes and un-clamp the deep-vac holder and move up and over the next flange connection. As tubes become heavier you then connect the combos suction boom hose to the end tube to support the weight. At that point, you un-clamp the deep-vac and move it above the next flange. With the boom, lower the tube assembly until the deep-vac is on the ground. Add another tube and repeat the process. Eliminates the danger of electric power lines being a hazard. Available for 6" and 8" suction tubes.


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