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Debris Basket for Fiberglass Poles

Debris Basket for Fiberglass Poles

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Debris baskets that connect directly to our quick connect, male x female, fiberglass pole system. They are the most perfect and economical way to remove debris from the sewer. The DB basket series comes in sizes from 6" to 24" and they are all made of a high quality laser cut alloy steel that is dipped in zinc for long life and corrosion resistance. To use it the basket is lowered into the invert and debris flow by the fiberglass poles in the length/depth and it stays there collecting debris, grease, rocks and sometimes rings and coins, be sure to check. Catches the debris and keeps the water in the sewer where it belongs. The bar on the back of the basket keeps it from getting sucked down the line. Every jet machine should have 1 or 2. Saves your suction pump and fuel when the amount of debris does not warrant setting up the combo. Great for single jetters from 1/2" to 1" hose. Allows you to verify what exactly is in your sewer.


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