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Complete "B" Lateral Plumbing Set

Complete "B" Lateral Plumbing Set

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Complete "B" Plumbing set that includes all the following Rods and Tools. 17 each of the PB-1 rods and I each of the PB-2, PB-3, PB-4, PB-5-3, PB-5-4, PB-6, PB-7 and PB-8.

This is the standard “PB” lateral drain cleaning rod set Municipalities, Homeowners, Mobile parks, industrial buildings, agricultural and livestock installations, shopping centers etc... anywhere where a set of a few simple tools can solve a great problem without the expense of buying a heavy, expensive drain cleaning machine.

We have put together this set that is perfect for cleaning out lateral lines from 2” to 6” and in lengths up to 120’ and more. These sets are lightweight and with just a little practice and timing you can keep those PVC, Clay etc…drain lines flowing all the time. Imagine the freedom of not having to call an expensive plumber late at night when trouble starts. These manual hand rods have been around for more than 50 years and are used by individuals, cites, townships, HOA’S since they are the most economical way to unblock the stoppage in your sewer line and drain lines.

Every so often things get stuck in these lines. It could be excess paper products, grease or invasive roots. When you call a plumber he will unblock your line to restore the flow. Once the flow is restored then you have a certain amount of time until this happens again, especially with roots. So be prepared and buy a PB plumbers set, you won’t be sorry.


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