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Pryor Tools

Carbide Toothed Flat Root Saw Blade

Carbide Toothed Flat Root Saw Blade

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Pryor Tools offers a carbide tipped flat root saw for super tough root cutting and some tap cutting jobs. Yes, they do also cut protruding taps. You see we use our super thick 3/16” thick alloy steel heat treated laser cut saw blades and attach sharp carbide teeth to every 5th tooth on the front cutting edge and every 10th tooth to the rear back edge. These carbide teeth are brazed on with a process that makes the connection harder than steel. In the unlikely event that a tooth breaks off in usage just send the saw back to us and we will replace the tooth free of charge. These saws of course last longer as the cutting is done with the carbide teeth leading into the roots and not the steel teeth. Of course the steel teeth are made of the best quality carbon steel and heat treated to just the right amount so they are hard but won’t break.



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