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Arrow Diamond Tipped Calcium Cutter

Arrow Diamond Tipped Calcium Cutter

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Pryor Tools has made the only calcium cutter for your hydraulic root cutter motor. This is a very aggressive tool that is used to remove deposits of calcium carbonate in the sewer lines caused by fresh water infiltration. After time this “tuberculation” will form in the pipe and made rock hard deposits that reduce flow and cause blockages. Sometime flow is reduced so much that the line must be replaced but first try our arrow diamond tipped cutter that is made of thick ¼” reinforced steel with a welded 1” arbor hub for your hydraulic motor. It has a tapered front arrow point that divides into 4 fins to start in the middle of the deposits. Each of the 4 tapered fins has ¼” thick diamond segments brazed to the steel. They will chop and break calcium deposits. Slowly work your way into the deposits and you will begin to break off chunks. Let these chunks get thrown back down the line before biting off more. It is a good idea to have a camera looking at the cutter from the up-stream position.


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