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Anti-Splash Top Manhole Roller Hose Guide for 24'' Manholes

Anti-Splash Top Manhole Roller Hose Guide for 24'' Manholes

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Our Anti-Splash Top Mounted Sewer Hose Guide is actually 2 items in one. First, it is a top manhole roller guide made out of aluminum with a delrin roller over which you lay your hose on to guide and protect the sewer hose from rubbing against the rim of the manhole. Secondly, you have a full circle of approximately 30 inches of 3/8” thick clear polycarbonate for safety. Polycarbonate is much lighter than glass, and is nearly unbreakable. Bullet-resistant variations are available and are used in windows and enclosures usually seen inside banks are often made of polycarbonate. So combined with the protection of covering the manhole you eliminate 2 safety concerns, one is falling in the manhole and the second is eliminating the secondary splash as the jetter nozzle is being retrieved from the sewer. Who has not been very surprised by that possible, bacteria laden, blast of water coming out of the manhole. Down the middle of the guide is a hinged aluminum door that you open up to insert your hose and nozzle together between the arms so it can rest on the roller. We put a heavy duty 80 durometer gasket around the poly glass for protection. This model is made for a 24” standard manhole. Also available in larger 36”.


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