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Adjustable Top Manhole Roller Hose Guide

Adjustable Top Manhole Roller Hose Guide

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Our adjustable top manhole roller is made with tubular steel slides to adjust to manholes from 24" to 36". The smaller tubes slide into the larger tubes and there is a thumbscrew to tighten it down. Also important is the fact that when opened almost to the point of coming apart, there is a 3” gap that will allow you to insert your sewer hose or TV cable into the opening and then you can slide it to close. This guide roller like all of our top manhole guide rollers is designed to eliminate the cuts and chafing against the manhole rim.

Once the guide is mounted on the manhole simply slide it to its most open position so the opposing “l” brackets on each end grab under the manhole rim. This prevents the guide from flipping out of the hole. Once you extend the guides to their most open position, then tighten down on the thumbscrew to lock in place. The roller is made of high impact delrin plastic. The complete unit is steel and once it is finished at our factory we have it zinc dipped for corrosion resistance and to give it a long life.



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