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3 Blade Chuck Cutter

3 Blade Chuck Cutter

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This 3-blade cutter chuck is an excellent tool to connect to your hydraulic root cutter motor. They will be spinning up to 400 rpm and cutting everything and cleaning your pipe walls on the way back to the manhole. These chucks are available for a mainline root cutter with a 1” shaft or a lateral root cutter with a 5/8” shaft. When you undo the top nut you can take off the smaller spreader cone and then insert the type and size of blades you need. We offer flat blades and curved blades. Please see CB and FB blades in sizes from 4” to 18”. Once these blades are inserted into the 3-blade chuck and the center nut is tightened down, the spreader cone locks the blades against the separator blade so they won’t move. This is a great finishing tool. Since the blades rub against the pipe wall they are constantly sharpening themselves. It is a great tool for lacy roots, grease and detergent.


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