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Premium Puma Sewer Rods

Sectional Premium Sewer Rods for Hand Rodding or your Rodding Machine
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These are the Highest quality rods you can buy, made to exacting standards, they have been in use in sewers world-wide for more than 60 years. Made from the finest high tensile Spring steel, they are induction tempered for uniformity and close tolerances. 5/16” rods are .3165 diameter for the extra toughness you need. The 3/8” rods are .362” diameter. Available in many lengths you can choose what your sewer rodding machine needs. For Rodders made by Sreco or Sewer Equipment Co. of America, they will either be 36”, 39” is the most common and in some cases 48”. Each coupling is right hand x left hand, so as you are corkscrewing in the sewer you are always tightening the nuts. Our rods are 100% guaranteed, no questions asked. Outer coating is an acid resistant, heat fused, blue metallic coating and the couplings are zinc plated and baked to prevent hydrogen embrittlement. Our rods will couple up to like rods of other manufacturers. Tensile strengths are form 230,000 – 245,000 psi. For the Best rods ask for Puma quality.


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