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PVC Tap Cutter

PVC Tap Cutter

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When protruding PVC taps are a problem in a sewer main line they must be removed or cut off at the pipe wall. Pryor Tools makes a PVC tap cutter to do just that. You connect these cutters that come in pipe size for 6” to 15”, to the end of your hydraulic root cutter motor with a 1” standard shaft with keyway and through bolt. They are made of nice thick steel barrel with a ½” strong back plate. The back plate has laser cut hole to reduce weight. The barrel is about 9” long. Since we weld the hub to the back place on a lathe that is turning true, you are assured of getting a tool that is rotating concentrically down the pipe. Usually they are about ½” undersized to allow some play in the line but still sheer off the PVC tap next to the pipe wall. We have welded strong 4130 steel teeth to the barrel so they will last a long time, probably forever.



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