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Power Rod Turning Machine for 5/16” And 3/8” Rods

Power Rod Turning Machine for 5/16” And 3/8” Rods

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Speed Chuck

The Power Drive machine is used to rotate 5/16” and 3/8”sewer rods of from speeds of 80 to 125 rpm. A special instant reverse transmission is used in order to rotate the rods to unblock stoppages in sewers and in case of over torqueing you can instantly change the direction of the rods for safety. The ability to change rotation direction, change the speed of rotation is essential for the protection of the sewer rods.

The Power Drive uses as a standard engines a Briggs and Stratton, recoil start, air cooled gasoline engine which is connected by drive belts directly to the transmission. The engine rotates at 3600 rpm but due to the reduction in speed accomplished by the transmission and Chain drive the rotation is reduced to a maximum of 125 rpm. The rods are inserted into the hollow shaft and then the speed-chuck it pulled back and engages with the center hole of the sewer rods. This allows for the positive rotation of the rods and allows the operator to easily release the rods and connect more rods as cleaning is lengthened in the sewer line. The control of rotation is controlled by a handle that when released will return to center in the neutral position. Move the handle to the right and the rods rotate clockwise in the sewer, move the handle to the left and you reverse the rotation instantly. The frame is a heavy duty 1/4” thick steel and is mounted on a three semi-solid wheels for years of service. Rear single wheel allows for ease of movement and is 8” in diameter. Front 2 wheels allow for straight tracking into the sewer and are 10” in diameter.


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