Drop Manhole Bridge

Drop Manhole Bridge for 8" Pipe

Manhole Hook

90º Triangle Handle Manhole Hook 39” Long


HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE SIDED PICK AND HOOK 36” LONG Patent Pending Pick and Hook Combined.
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This is the famous Pook that is well known in cities across America for those who want the toughest Manhole Hook and Pick combined to make a “POOK”. One side of the 2 sided head is a sharp pick to chip away at asphalt or any other hard surface. The other side has a hook has the perfect angle to fit in the hole and lift up and out any manhole lid. This complete unit is made from 4130 high carbon steel that is heat threated to exacting numbers. The Handle is ¾” thick!! Nice triangle is flat against your palm. The head is 1” x ¾” and tapered the base support triangle is 1.75” x 1.5”. The complete unit is Powder coated Safety orange. It really is a beautiful tool. Not a toy.
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