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Magnetic Boom Manhole Cover Lifter

Magnetic Boom Manhole Cover Lifter

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Now for the first time, you can lift manhole covers safely and effectively using the existing power of your combo machine and its hydraulically controlled boom. Pryor Tools presents to you a simple and compact boom attachment that uses the power of your boom to lift the manhole cover quickly and easily with no back strain for a very competitive price.

The MBL series of lifters is our Patent Pending attachment that connects to the end of your boom tube. Uses a Flat Flange, Bandlock style male or female in either 8” or 6”. You just place the lifter on the manhole cover, activate the magnet by its lever, lower your boom, clamp it on and lift off! Then just remove the clamp and leave it on the cover to replace when your work is done. SO EASY AND SO SAFE.

So simple and it weighs less than 25 lbs. and can be stored easily on your truck too. Just magnetize it and lock it on any flat, out of the way steel surface. Maximum lift capacity of 600 lbs. It will easily lift most common manhole covers. NO MORE LARGE AND HEAVY WHEELED OR EXPENSIVE CONTRAPTIONS NEEDED!

* You can buy only the flange for $325.00.




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