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Pryor Tools

Heavy Duty Tube Style Extension

Heavy Duty Tube Style Extension

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Pryor tools makes these heavy duty nozzle extensions for a specific purpose which you will appreciate. First they are heavy in weight, 11 lbs, and 10 lbs. And 8 lbs. Respectively but moreover they are made to last. We use heavy schedule 80 steel interior pipe and a 6000 psi female hose connection for your ½”, ¾” or 1” hose. Then we use a heavy wall center tube that is ¼” thick and weld it to the front and rear thick steel hubs that are machined and tapered to make it zing down the sewer line. On top of that we apply extra amounts of weld material to join these together. You can see in the photo that this weld material goes around the tubes and protects it against wear. The weld rings are harder than the steel itself for a long life. Since they are tubular in style they lay at the bottom of the pipe and keep your nozzle in the debris area. This is great in larger lines to agitate the debris and make it suspended so you can bring it back to the manhole. They also keep the nozzle from going up a lateral line which could be disastrous.





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