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Handi Clam | Car Wash Pit Cleaning Equipment

Handi Clam | Car Wash Pit Cleaning Equipment

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The Handi Clam is one of the most popular tools on the market for sewer cleaning. It allows you to clean manholes and catch basins and pits and wet wells and more from the surface level. The lower end has 2 clam shell shaped buckets that are actuated by the top handle. Once you open the bucket in the debris, you then can close the over center type handle that locks into place thus allowing you to raise the tool without spilling the contents you trapped. The big advantage is that we make these in knockdown models so you do not have to pay high truck freight rates for a Handy clam over 8 feet long. So when you buy a 12’ clam is comes in two sections that are easily put together by the enclosed instructions. Plus you can use the clam as a 6 footer or a 12 footer.



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