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The hydro-excavator attachment we call the "dig-it". It is a lightweight attachment for the end our your suction tube and allow you to connect your sewer hose either 1" or 3/4" to blast away at dirt and rocks as you suck up this wet mixture and dig holes. Suction tube size come in 6" and 8" diameter and with your choice of flange, Vactor, Vac-con, Camel, Vac-all, Aquatech. The welded steel wet ring comes with either 4,6,8 or 10 jets. All are 0?and pointed slightly away from the center of the suction tube. An 8" long kanaflex hose is biled to the end of the compance excavator to protect utility lines. At just 13" long and under 20 lbs. This is the unit you want to carry on your truck. No more cumbersome large expensive units.

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